It is the year AR 575.

After years of bitter fighting, the civil war that has racked the Republic of Bramora has come to an end. The Armies of the Republic, bolstered by the addition of trained battle mages into their ranks, have successfully put down the Second Rebellion. New lords have risen to supplant the Fallen Houses … and the citizens of the southron provinces chafe under their rule.

As Bramora rebuilds, storms are brewing in the northern borderlands. The orc tribes are on the move, and rumors abound that a legendary artifact capable of uniting them has been discovered. Terrifying visions of two dark warriors trouble the clerics of the Church of the Light. Worse still, the march lords who stand watch in the North are divided and seemingly more concerned with securing their own power bases than safeguarding the small folk in their care.

The fate of the borderlands may ultimately rest in the hands of a pair of unlikely companions. A bastard blacksmith’s apprentice who would be something more. A dwarven cleric far from home, (literally) burning to spread the word of his deity.

This is the story of how the West was Dumb …

How the West was Dumb

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