Presley Fields

The beautiful and willful bastard daughter of the Marquess of Farhold


The stunningly lovely eldest daughter of Lord Derrick Hammalcar, Presley continuously finds herself the target of noble suitors, despite her illegitimate birth. The identity of her mother remains unknown, as her father refuses to speak of her.

As of late, the Viscount of New Eagle has joined the ranks of her admirers; Presley has rebuffed his offers of marriage time and time again due to her desire to marry for love and her deeply held conviction that Lord Blaise is not to be trusted.

Presley is as proud and willful as her father, but also has a tendency toward rash actions that must come from her mother. Having grown up amongst the rangers of the North, she has adopted their principles and moral code as her own. She cares deeply for the plight of the commoners under the protection of her lord father and champions their cause ardently.

Presley Fields

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