Derrick Hammalcar

The Marquess of Farhold


The reigning lord of Farhold, Derrick Hammalcar is descended from a long line of rangers. Tough, honorable, and just, Lord Hammalcar is much beloved by both his men and the small folk of the borderlands.

Lord Hammalcar has been twice married, and twice widowed. His household currently consists of his children by his second wife, the fourteen year old maid Avelina and his heir Kellen, as well as his bastard daughter, Presley Fields. His first wife, the Lady Bridget Ruddock, perished of consumption and their son, Geoffrey, was slain in the Second Rebellion. His second wife, the Lady Emma Bufton, died giving birth to Kellen.

Lord Hammalcar’s main advisors are his master-at-arms, Eustace Johnson, and the masked cleric, Madoc Urswick. In his youth, Lord Hammmalcar counted the current Earl of New Eagle, Lord Benedict Saulsbury, among his closest friends, but the Earl’s depression over the death of his eldest son coupled with the political ambitions of Lord Saulsbury’s second son has placed an intense strain on their relationship.

Derrick Hammalcar

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